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Enter the new life aesthetics economy.

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Enhance your creativity by entering the first AI-assisted aesthetics economy.

Internet became a global laboratory for aesthetics where everyone can participate democratically to the definition of beauty. Meanwhile, creative disciplines such as fashion, arts and music are merging into a new paradigm: life aesthetics.

The new life asthetics economy enables creators, curators and influencers who take part in the formation of digital cultures to benefit from a robust AI technology that accelerates curation mechanisms and values quality over quantity.

The capital of data collected becomes the property of the community which receives royalties for contributing, proportionally to the value added to the infinite collective. This value added is calculated according to an algorithm called New Power.

Each time a user purchases a physical or digital product on the platform, all members of the community will receive royalties based on the amount of New Power they hold at the time of the transaction. Royalties payments will be provided globally, including emerging countries, allowing everyone an access to this new economy.

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Repurpose the Internet
Initially supposed to connect and empower the World, the Internet has become an attention grinder where your brain time and personal data are sold as commodities to advertisers desperate to sell you products.

The Internet of Creativity envisionned for NEW LIFE embeds culture, economy and

Newcoin is the currency of this new paradigm: leveraging the best open source blockchain protocol, the NEW LIFE community will exchange value seamlessly from all over the world, free from the burden of banks and legacy corporations.
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For decades, we have all observed the growth of the Internet, from a network of interlinked HTML documents to this giant alienating data grinder commoditizing our most valuable asset: attention.

Alongside with the attention economy , the internet brought us a powerful concept: decentralization.

Decentralized collectives have now the power to build cultures and aesthetics online, collaborate on giant open source projects and issue their own currencies independently from legacy power structures.

It’s just the beginning of a new paradigm A seamless flow of collective creativity, forming a fast growing digital culture for the new century.

We are here for you all across the globe