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It’s Time to Enhance your Life

The world is changing fast and our life needs a reboot. Enter the first life enhancement platform and leverage the potential offered by the Extensions available at the Life Store. Aesthetics, knowledge, food supplements, mentoring and more.

Life Channels

Life Channels are content channels updated by our tight selection of inspiring creators and curators in the fields of digital arts, fashion, music and personal development.

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The NEW LIFE ecosystem is based on an invitation technology that allows the platform to grow organically and selectively, while allowing users who spread their invitation code to educate and assist their friends and followers and get rewarded.


Life Store

The Life Store is a Life Extension marketplace where you can buy, download and order products, contents and services packaged to improve your life and invest on yourself.

Life Store


Stream is a reward system designed to incentivise referrals, curation and creativity within the NEW LIFE ecosystem. Each month your Stream is converted into a voucher that can be used to purchase Life Extensions.


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The Post-Internet era has arrived

In a World accelerated by technology and artificial intelligence, most of the rules according to which we live our current life are being changed in ways that never happened before. We are going through an unprecedented industrial and cultural revolution, accelerating exponentially day after day.

Culture and the economy as we know it are about to enter a major shift, but our approach to concepts like learning, working, creating and buying are getting more obsolete each day that passes. It's time to reconsider the way we categorize and structure our lives.

NEW LIFE is a completely independent and autonomous platform designed to build the lifestyle of the future, disconnected from obsolete infrastructures and relying on the principles of the internet culture and philosophy.

It offers a Life Extensions ecosystem designed to maximize your potential for a successful life in the new emerging paradigm.

We curate products and services in all areas related to life enhancement and package it as Life Extensions.

Enhance your life

The same way you enhanced your mobile phone or internet browser with Apps provided by developers, you will enhance your life yourself with Life Extensions provided by enhancers.

The products and services are curated within different categories such as:

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Personal development

Remaster your life with our personal development plans designed to help you achieve your dreams and embrace to the fullest what the future has to offer.

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Art direction inspiration

Get inspired by the premium contents offered within featured channels and take part in the future of digital cultures.

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enhance your life with plants, vitamins and minerals that will help you achieve your performances.

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Personal style

Order personal style packages curated by theme, directly from factories and wholesalers. Worldwide shipping.

A Global Community

NEW LIFE is also a global community of like minded individuals who share the same values and support each other. Our mobile app offers a messaging feature that will allow you to communicate with your NEW LIFE mentors and followers.

You can also find a local Facebook closed group to meet up with NEW LIFE members in your town. If there isn't, you can set up one

Inside the Ecosystem

The NEW LIFE ecosystem offers an incentive mechanism called Stream. Each month, the platform issues vouchers depending on your networking or mentoring activity on the platform. The vouchers can be used to purchase life extensions or if you are eligible for it, turn into scalable source of income.

Sign up to learn more how you can build your Stream.